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The Artless Codger: Brain Poison Epidemiology Specialist

It's insane, this guy's taint.

Chesterville McPwnington
12 February
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Allow me to prove my worth to you through rambling...

As of October 12, 2007, this journal is henceforth a mirror of my website with additional commentary.

I am currently in the land of homeless millionaires and evergreen pornography.

I previously fortified a mountain north of Atlanta, Georgia using my troll stick and the pheremonal power of my minions' stench. No one could pass. Also some Chicago was in there.

I'm from non-northern, rural Illinois. Corn, coal, and life-destroying mediocrity.

I moved to the South solely for Chick-fil-a.

I make websites that live hard and die young. See also fictionislying. I take pictures too, and draw temporary masterpieces on my bathroom mirror. Been hitting twitter too. Oh, and I make videos a bit.

I am attracted to literary acrobatics, so expect an adventitious, abiogenetic array of ambiguous or arbitrary assonance.

I was a High Warlord in World of Warcraft. Seriously.

I am an Eagle Scout. Really.

I have a film degree and absolutely correct opinions on film. I paid too much for college to ever be wrong.

I started texture and maintain it firmly but peacefully. I also maintain found_objects like the absent king of the asylum.

I can't help it if I've got a heavy flow and wide-set vagina.

I can't help if it I've got a hefty penchant for quoting hilarity.

I hate sentences that start with 'I'.

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(this journal has been sponsored by kogarne, jaded_snow, jonthedull, gojimbogo, and gardenofevils. it was first sponsored by christiana. thanks to them for perpetuation)

Plaque is a figment of the liberal media and the dental industry to scare you into buying useless appliances and pastes.

Atrophy any sense of compassion.

movie list. book list.

what the fuck ¢ &

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40oz. friday, akira kurosawa, aphex twin, atheology, bill hicks, caring about your feelings, chaos, charlie chaplin, chick-fil-a, chinese opera, cigars, contradicting myself at will, corporate counter-culture, cynical skepticism, dadaism, david lynch, dr. mario, entropy, epidemiology, exhorbitantly expensive fine dining, exquisite cheeses, extremely hard liquor, fire, foreigner belts, fractals, game lore, hating everquest, hating movies you like, hating warcraft, having a film degree, haxing ur megahurts, hayao miyazaki, listing my actual interests, logistics, luck debt, macro photography, maven impersonation, meshuggah, metal, mispellings in my interests, mr. show, music hoarding, natural sarcasmosis phenomena, nihilism, not watching television, outsmarting corporations, paranoia fetishism, paul reubens, penn & teller, politicking, potholders made of hemp, rene magritte, reuben sturman, scud: the disposable assassin, serious comedy, shakuhachi, sifl & olly, skeptical cynicism, smoke rings, social psychology, spongebob squarepants, superjail!, surrealism, tessellation, tetris, the frogs, the vault of whores, tim and eric, todd solondz, vidiots, waiting on dave, wonder showzen, woody allen,